HARMAN powers the Sun!

HARMAN powers the Sun!

After nearly four years in the making, Sun International’s Time Square in Tshwane is officially open! As South Africa’s biggest development in the hospitality, gaming, entertainment and leisure industry in 17 years, Time Square boasts inspirational architecture, green thinking, and community spirit, all in a theme uniquely based on ‘time’ itself.

Aside from being South Africa’s second largest casino, Time Square is also home to Sun Arena, the 8,500 seater concert venue that boasts one of the largest, installed sound systems in Africa! At the heart of this award-winning digital system is Harman Technologies, in the form of 105 x JBL speakers, 53 x Crown amplifiers, and Soundcraft’s flagship Vi7000 digital mixing console at Front of House. This sound system equates to 654,000 Watts of the highest quality RMS power, in a venue which is set to play host to some of the biggest music concerts in South Africa.

Front and centre to design and implementing the audio element for Sun Arena has been industry stalwart, and importer/distributor of some of the world’s biggest audio brands in Southern Africa, is Wild & Marr. Wild & Marr’s long-standing relationship with Sun International, and history of service excellence made them first choice to provide a sound system that does justice to a project of this scale. Wild & Marr were tasked with providing the infrastructure and technology needed to deliver the very best live music experience possible.

“It is of paramount importance to achieve even sound coverage across the venue, which this system delivers,” states Wild & Marr’s Dean Coull. “When testing the system, we recorded Sound Pressure Levels (SPL) of 110 dB A-Weighted, which is extremely good for concert-level loud. However, the quality of sound remains solid, with optimal frequencies recorded in the low, medium and high ranges”. The net result is a powerful PA system that delivers even, crystal clear sound throughout the venue.

Speaking in a recent interview, Henri-Basil Hearne, communications manager for Sun International’s Time Square states: “The Sun Arena is designed to be the very best that the hospitality and leisure industry can offer, featuring a moving stage, seven retractable blocks, state of the art lighting, sound and control, as well as the most flexible design imaginable. The venue can host a standing rock concert with a 10,000 capacity crowd one night, and a boxing match the next”. With retractable seating and stage, the venue can host banquets, conferences and exhibitions as required.

A host of international artists have already been confirmed to perform at Sun Arena in the coming months, namely Live, Bryan Adams, Brian McKnight and Brandy, while South African artists are also lining up to perform at the venue. The Unison Celebration officially opened the venue on November 4th 2017, as an invitation only VIP event featuring household names such as Lira, MiCasa, Karen Zoid, PJ Powers, Zonke, Claire Johnston and more. Sun Arena is also the new Gauteng home of Afrikaans is Groot, a production showcasing some of the greatest Afrikaans talent in the country.

Technical Specs:

1)      Measuring 110db A-Weighted SPL at FOH

2)      Consists of 32 x JBL VTX V25  dual 15” Mid/High for main Left & Right, 22 x V20 dual 10” Mid/High for left & right side fills, 24 x G28 dual 18” subs, 8x VT-4886 dual 6” Mid/High front fills

3)      44x Crown IT-12000HD, 9x IT- 4×3500 amplifiers, which equates to 654,000 watts of RMS power

4)    Flagship Soundcraft Vi 7000 mixing console which offers 2x Vi Stage boxes 128 Mix Bus Inputs, 32 Mix Bus Outputs, 43 Faders

Time Square Image – Exterior

Here’s a line-up of the live entertainment coming to the Time Square Sun Arena this year:


Bryan Adams

Afrikaans is Groot

Brandy and Brian McKnight

The Script

Unison Celebration Concert at Time Square

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