All hail Paxton – Teenage Idol dream!

All hail Paxton – Teenage Idol dream!

Bishop Lavis’ sweetheart finally takes her place among the stars!

When Paxton Fielies first walked into the Audition Room of the Grand West Casino in Cape Town in early February 2017, it was hard for anyone to ignore her. Not because she was brash, boisterous or colourful like many who had congregated at the venue. Not at all. Paxton was shy and unassuming and possessed a disarming smile that was sweet as candy, a definite standout in an industry where stars-in-waiting demand attention in loud and proud fashion.

After introducing herself to our judging panel – Somizi, Randall, Unathi and guest judge Donald, Paxton finally did what she had come to do; sing – and boy did she sing! The result of that very first meeting, was Donald standing on his feet, tears in his eyes, while Somizi went one better – sat in a chair and rocked our little star like a baby.

With a Golden Ticket firmly in-hand, it was time to jet off to Theatre Week at The Wild Coast Sun to go head-to-head with amazing singers we had met in various audition stops across the country. With each rigorous elimination round, Paxton made sure to stand head and shoulders above the rest and quickly made friends and fans alike. Her trio vs trio performance in particular, was nothing short of a revelation.

When Group Round ended, it was time for our talent to battle for a spot in the Top 16 and go at it solo. Paxton, though shy, came alive on stage and pulled off one of the most memorable performances of the season, Estelle and Kanye West’s funky “American Boy”.

As the weeks rolled on, Paxton showed no signs of letting up and only grew more confident, but still made sure to keep that sweet persona everyone had come to love. Her fan base, #Paxnation, ate it all up and in no time, banded together to become one of the most formidable forces of nature where this season is concerned.

By the time this 17-year-old made the Idols SA Top 3, she had amassed the biggest social media following of the lot and was raking in the votes by the millions. A well-deserved trip to London soon followed and so did the chance to record her very first single, “Demonstrate”.

What an incredible season it has been – and what an honour to have introduced Mzansi to a bright new star, Paxton Fielies. Congratulations to our brand new Idol, coming straight outta Bishop Lavis! More life. More love.
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