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Wild & Marr was founded in 1944 and has a rich heritage of providing specialised service and support to the professional audio industry. Through the years Wild & Marr's legacy in the industry has resulted in the company being the foremost distributor and installer of professional audio equipment in Southern (and Sub-Saharan) Africa and has become synonymous in providing tailored solutions for the MI, AV, Rental, Broadcasting, Professional and Systems Integration Markets.

Dec 9

Cape Audio College upgrades its inventory to JBL VRX

Cape Town: Cape Audio College, The Institute of Sound Technology, recently acquired the JBL VRX900 Series Constant Curvature Line Array that will be used as a portable sound system when training student sound engineers as part of their Live Sound Module. Read more

Jan 13

Pharrell Williams tours with Shure wireless

Singer-songwriter and producer Pharrell Williams made extensive use of Shure wireless microphone and in-ear monitoring systems during his recent headline concert tour.

Shure Axient wireless microphones and PSM1000 in-ear monitoring systems were specified for their RF reliability and audio fidelity.

Six channels of Axient were used, two for Pharrell’s vocals (one main and one backup, both running in Frequency Diversity mode), two for main support vocalists, and two guest vocal channels. 10 channels of PSM1000 in-ear monitoring were also used for the members of Pharrell’s band, with Shure’s UHF-R wireless microphone systems supplying four more channels for supporting instruments.